Moving Colossus The Raspberry PI Aquarium

We talked about it extensively and finally we decided to move Colossus to another part of the office.  I setup a temporary 29 Gallon tank to hold my pitful plants and fish.  Next we started the teardown, cleaning and moving of this monster.  We did everything over a couple of days when we took a break from working.

We switched the wall that Colossus occupied and discovered that the tile on the floor wasn’t level.  I ended up sitting the tank 12 inches from the wall.  I personally don’t like it that far from the wall, so I got some palms to cover the gap.  I have since learned that it’s nice having space behind the tank to hook up sensors and power cords.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a Yueqing WYIN W01-20 CO2 regulator.  Quick trip to the welding supply store and I got a 5lb tank full of carbon dioxide.  I have put off this purchase for sometime but I know it was neccessary for the tank I want to create.  At $22 USD for a refill, it’s reasonable priced after the initial investment.