Colossus WordPress Plugin

We are big fans of WordPress, so it’s no surprise that we are using it for Colossus.  While designing the web based control panel, I decided that it would be easier if I just incorporated all the individual scripts into a plugin.  I used Michael Simpson’s excellent WordPress Plugin Template to get started, and the Colossus Aquarium Plugin was born.    You can get git the code  at our BItBucket repository.

Important Note

For the on/off feature of the relay status panel to work, you must create docommand.php and install in Colossus’ www folder.  Please see this link for more details.


The following shortcodes are available:

[colossus-tank-status] • Display Tank Info
[colossus-relay-status] • Display Relay Status
[colossus-temperature-status] • Display Temperature
[colossus-display-last-event] • Display Last Event from database
[colossus-display-last-ph] • Display Last pH reading from database
[colossus-display-last-waterchange] • Display Last Waterchange from database
[colossus-graph-water-change] • Display graph of water changes
[colossus-graph-temperature] • Display graph of temperature readings at 12:00pm
[colossus-graph-ph] • Display graph of pH readings
[colossus-show-camera] • Display RelOptic Camera Feed
[colossus-filterchange-add] • Data entry for filter media change
[colossus-] • 
[colossus-] •