Got mood lighting? Yup!

Spent a little time this after noon stringing multi-colored Christmas lights around the ceiling of the office.  No, we are not celebrating Christmas in July.

A couple of strands of lights brings a really nice low wattage light and atmosphere to the office.  I will eventually tie them into the motion detector at our office door.  When motion is detected, flash the lights.  Functional mood lighting for those times you don’t want to sit in absolute darkness. 🙂

I’ll post better videos later once we fix all the droppy spots and clean the office.

Colossus now speaks

We added the espeak python module to the Colossus Control Software.  This gives Colossus the ability to verbally communicate status messages as well as emergency aquarium alerts like overheating and etc.

Filling the Tank

We used a Raspberry Pi camera running our RelOpticCamera software to create timelapse movies of filling the aquarium with water.  The second video is the initial planting of the dwarf hairgrass.