The Dungeons and Dragons Aquarium

During the rebuild of the Colossus aquarium, a friend of mine asked if I wanted another fish tank.  It was free so I said yes.  Well it was actually two tanks, a 40 gallon, a 60 gallon tank and stand with all the filters, pumps, and some really nice aquarium decorations.  It was a great score.  Thanks Missy.

I had been toying with the idea of making a Dungeons and Dragons decorated tank and the accessories I got with the two tanks fit in with the them.  It was time to break out the razor blade, super glue, and a few gaming miniatures.   I cut the bases off the minis and glued them to the decorations.

After getting inspired by a couple of Youtube videos, I decided to experiment with this tank by growing plants out of it.  Sweet potatoes grow really well in an aquarium, filter nitrates out of the water, and produce wonderful colored leaves.  So I used some egg-crate lighting grid to hold the sweet potatoes suspended in the water.  Once the roots have fully come in, I will post a timelapse video of the roots growing.