New Plants For The Colossus Aquarium

I decided since I was redoing Colossus, it was time to heavily plant the tank  I found a starter bundle of live plants for 40-45 gallon aquariums on Amazon. I ordered two sets of them and each set included:

  • 1 LARGE Amazon Sword (Echinodorus argentinensis, 10-12 in
  • 1 RED Amazon Sword (Echinodorus RED RUBIN), 5-7 in
  • 1 LARGE Anubias (Anubias lanceolata) 10-12 in
  • 1 Anubias barteri 6-7 in
  • Jungle Vallisneria 15-20 in
  • 5 Elodea densa – 7-9 in
  • 3 Cryptocoryne petchii – 6-7 in
  • 1 Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus) 8-10 in
  • 1 starting portion of Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) – 1×1 inch
  • 3 stems of Green Temple Plant (Nomaphila siamensis) 7-8 in
  • 3 stems of (Cabomba aquatica) – 6-8 in
  • 3 RED Alternanthera (Alternanthera reineckii) – 5-7 in  – beautiful RED plant!
  • 5 stems of Narrow Leaf Hygrophila (Hygrophila angustifolia) – 7-8 in
  • 3 stems of RED Ludwigia (Ludwigia repens) – 6-7 in – beautiful RED color
  • 10 stems of Moneywort (Bacopa monnierii) – 10-12 in
  • 10 floating plants Water spangles
  • 5 floating plants Amazon Frogbit

I also ordered some plants individually.

And I replace the substrate with 80lbs of  CaribSea Eco-Complete.

New Equipment for Colossus

This was a good time to upgrade a few pieces of equipment on the aquarium.  Here is a list of the new equipment I purchased:

Glosso Factory Drop Checker Kit

AQUATEK CO2-Proof Tubing 

Fzone Dual Stage Aquarium CO2 Regulator

YOOTOP 18″ Aquarium Air Stone Bubble Wall Tube

ShineIn Plastic Non-return Check Valves 

Pawfly 20-Piece Aquarium Suction Cup Clips for Airlines

Top Fin® Underwater Garden & Riverbed Reversible Aquarium Background

Moving Colossus The Raspberry PI Aquarium

We talked about it extensively and finally we decided to move Colossus to another part of the office.  I setup a temporary 29 Gallon tank to hold my pitful plants and fish.  Next we started the teardown, cleaning and moving of this monster.  We did everything over a couple of days when we took a break from working.

We switched the wall that Colossus occupied and discovered that the tile on the floor wasn’t level.  I ended up sitting the tank 12 inches from the wall.  I personally don’t like it that far from the wall, so I got some palms to cover the gap.  I have since learned that it’s nice having space behind the tank to hook up sensors and power cords.

I finally bit the bullet and bought a Yueqing WYIN W01-20 CO2 regulator.  Quick trip to the welding supply store and I got a 5lb tank full of carbon dioxide.  I have put off this purchase for sometime but I know it was neccessary for the tank I want to create.  At $22 USD for a refill, it’s reasonable priced after the initial investment.

Colossus Rebuild

Okay it was time to stop neglecting the aquarium part of Colossus.  I have been putting off upgrades and serious tank maintenance for months now.  So it’s complete tear down of the tank.

There are several little glitches that I want to correct with Colossus.  They are as follows: lighting glitch caused from using a breadboard,  turning on UV relay causes other relays to turn off.

Here are the mysql stats from Colossus v1.

I copied the database, and using phpmyadmin, deleted existing records so that the Record-ID number would keep the current record number and not reset to zero.