Aqeuon 300 Watt Heater Added

My last heater was a 200 watt Aqeuon.  When I reset up Colossus this summer, I was suspicious that the heater wasn’t working properly. During the summer, the heater was not a priority as the tank stayed close to normal due to room temperature.  With cooler temperatures approaching,  I ordered a 300 watt model from Amazon.

We set the temperature dial, and installed it into the tank.  After waiting a hour for the temperature to adjust, we turned on the heater.  A short time later, my suspicions were confirmed,  the other heater just wasn’t doing the job anymore.  After some time the tank warmed up and held at 79 degrees.

I them modified the colossus control program to auto turn the heater relay on or off depending on the temperature.  See commit for more code.

An additional commit to the code added an emergency overheat feature.  When the temperature reaches a certain level, Colossus Control double checks that the heater is off and will blink the mood lights until the situation is resolved.